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ASTRO 1Muhurta (Electional Astrology)

Vedicpujapath.com provides Muhurta service. Muhurta is a branch of Indian or Vedic Astrology engaged in setting up auspicious moment of time for conducting important and sacred events or ceremonies.
In this service you will get the perfect time for your auspicious occasions or events, we will calculate and provide best Muhurta for you. Good Time with Tithi, Vara, Nakshatra. Yoga and Karan without doshas and with good planetary positions called Muhurta. One Muhurta may be different for one person or another. This may also differ for work to work.
For Muhurta service you have to provide us your Birth Date, Birth time, Birth Place, Purpose of Muhurta, Venue Details, Period of time when Muhurta needs to be calculated.

Delivery instruction: We will send the Muhurta report to you within 4 days or as per client’s requirement after confirmation of order and payments, and answer will be sent at your Email Id.